Will Vin Diesel Voice “Groot” in New Marvel Studios Movie?

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Vin Diesel may not be good at keeping secrets but he is good at stirring up rumours. The star of many major motion pictures and the voice of the “Iron Giant” is rumoured to be in talks with Marvel Studios to play a talking tree named “Groot” in the back-shelf comic movie adaptation of “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Ryan Quincy Talks About Transforming From Reluctant Voiceover Actor to Creator of the New IFC Show Out There

Emmy-winning animator Ryan Quincy has always dreamed of having his own show. During the decade and a half he spent working his way up to animation director for South Park, he spent his hiatuses creating a world entirely his own, inhabited by hairy but harmless creatures just trying to sort out the difficulties of adolescence.

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MMOs waste millions on voice-over

Interesting take on the use of voiceovers in massively multiplayer online games.

I believe that since these are games players will invest years of their lives into, developers should concentrate on what the players will be spending the majority of their time doing. Unfortunately, that will not be listening to well-trained actors read dialogue. They are great advertising hooks and a valid part of immersive gameplay, but players will spend the majority of time building communities within the game. Give us more tools for that before you spend another 10 million bucks on voice-overs, please.

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Classic voice-over talent returns for Kingdom Hearts 3D


It wouldn't be a Kingdom Hearts game without the voice talents of Leonard Nimoy (Master Xehanort) or Haley Joel Osment (Sora). No worries - Square Enix and Disney have you covered.

The publishing firm revealed today that the classic series cast is returning for their Kingdom Hearts 3D debut. Aside from Xehanort and Sora, David Gallagher will return for the role of Riku, Hayden Panetierre as Xion, Jesse McCartney as Roxas/Ventus and Quinton Flynn as Axel/Lea.

Kingdom Hearts 3D is due out in North America and Europe this July.