Fable Distortions 14

White, Jack and other Rabbit Tales


What happens when you take three teen-agers, a textbook from 1900 and an eccentric teacher? You catch a glimpse at both the latest Fable Distortion, but also a preview of a new series planned for 2014 called Dudley Junction. So many rabbits – so many lessons.

FABLE DISTORTIONS: White, Jack and Other Rabbit Tails exists as a result of some talented cast and crew members. Who are they? Glad you asked.

Tom Chalker as White and Ed
Delvin Kinser as Jack & Dan
Katie Dehnart as Stacy and Marion
Glenn Hascall as Announcer and Mr. Donovan
Ryan Hascall as Dex
Montie Klecker as Mason
Destiny Garza as Bailey
James Lorenz as Narrator

FABLE DISTORTIONS – White, Jack and Other Rabbit Tails was written and produced by Glenn Hascall.
Executive Producer – Capt. John Tadrzak
“Theme music by Kevin Macleod of Incompetech.com
Webmaster: April Sadowski
Script Editor: Sheryl Collins
Art Director: 16 year-old Emily Chalker.

Each story in this episode was designed to help students learn something about virtue and compassion. We realize these stories may not be familiar, but they were derived from tales from around the world and are presented for your amusement and pleasure.

This production is for enjoyment purposes only and no characters are intended to reflect real characters living or dead.

This is an original production by Misfits Audio, © 2013. All rights reserved.