Aladdin and the Pawn Shop Wishes

At the Green Birch Pawn Shop – mysteries are solved – friendships grow – and a coffee pot is always on. Sure, fabled people from a piece of classic literature are unusual guests, but we’ve learned to expect the unexpected in this entertaining second hand store. Welcome Aladdin.

Cast: FABLE DISTORTIONS: Aladdin and the Pawn Shop Wishes was made possible through the talents of our cast and crew.

Tom Chalker as Birch

Russell Gold as Ozzie

James Lorenz as Ross and Genie

Capt. John Tadrzak as Officer Benson

Delvin Kinser as Jaffar

Katie Dehnart as Darree

Tonja Milojevich as Bonnie

Glenn Hascall as Announcer and Pat

Ryan Hascall as Aladdin

Natalie Stanfield Thomas as Narrator

Written, produced, and mixed by Glenn Hascall.

Executive Producer and webmaster Capt. John Tadrzak

Music by Kevin Macleod of Incompetech.com

Script Editor: Sheryl Collins

This production is for enjoyment purposes only and no characters are intended to reflect real characters living or dead.

This is an original production by Misfits Audio, © 2014. All rights reserved.