Jim Nolan Ep17

The Kid


Jim is hired to protect a most unusual six-year-old boy.

Jim Nolan, Private Eye was created by Mike Murphy and Arlene Osborne.

Starring our regular cast:

Russell Gold as Jim Nolan,and
Katie Dehnart as the Narrator.

Guest starring in this episode:

KIM GIANOPOULOS as Helen Bagley,
D.T. KELLY as Frank Morgan,
KATIE DEHNART as Brian Roberts,
JAMES LORENZ as Mr. Sutton, and
PETER KATT as Lenny.

“The Kid” was written by Mike Murphy.

Jim Nolan, Private Eye Theme:
Composed and performed by Vivian Doskow. Please visit her web site to listen to more of her wonderful music.

Producer: Capt. John Tadrzak
Assistant Producer: Mike Murphy
Mixer: Jon Specht
Script Editor: Arlene Osborne
Webmaster: April Sadowski
Art Director: Alexa Chipman