Pawn Quests 4

The Hunt for a Missing Hollywood Artichoke


All the mystery and intrigue that is possible in a small town where all streets are named after sandwiches. This drama/comedy places mystery on the front counter of the local pawn shop where best friends Ozzie Green and Birch Wilson are always up for a new mystery. In this episode “who’s the mysterious detective that has recently arrived in Sandwich? Why is she so familiar? Why can’t she complete a sentence that makes sense? The cast answer these questions as they go Hollywood without ever leaving town.”

Pawn Quests: The Hunt for a Missing Hollywood Artichoke features the following talent….

Russell Gold as Ozzie Green

Glenn Hascall as Pat Newman

Tom Chalker as Birch Wilson

James Lorenz as Russ Reynolds

Capt. John Tadrzak as Officer Benson

Ryan Hascall as Tom

Eleiece Krawiec as Maybelle Lawrence

Tanja Milojevic as Bonnie Newton

Katie Dehnart as Wilma

Billy Flynn as Sam

Tricia Groves as Lizzie

Jim Patton as Stewart

Natalie Stanfield Thomas as Narrator

“Pawn Quests: The Hunt for a Missing Hollywood Artichoke” was written, produced and mixed by Glenn Hascall.

Executive Producer and webmaster: Capt. John Tadrzak

Music for this story was composed and performed by Phil Kearny.

Script Editor: Sheryl Collins

Art Director: Thomas Rippert